I'm foolish man. Review about Deplynode.comОтзывы о товарах и услугах

 I'm foolish man. Review about Deplynode.com

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Deplynode.com is a very, very bad hosting. They blocked my VPS twice in a week. I paid for a year to get one week. First time due to high load (when I imported the database). Now my VPS is blocked due to a complaint from Russia. They do not give access to my VPS to delete page indicated in the complaint. A shame!
P.S. And the server was slowing down all the time. Apparently they have oversell.
 Re: I'm foolish man. Review about Deplynode.com

Сообщение Goodween »

I wrote to support: "Can you turn on the server so that I can delete this page?"
They (""RIYAD SIDDIQUE") wrote: "You were using the VPS to host something which is not legal , thus your vps was suspended .
However you showed no interest in solving the issue ! ."
:o :o :o
Deploynode is SCAM!!!
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